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Mike Irwin
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Property rights are one thing.

Shooting a fleeing individual in the back over a chicken is another entirely.

No, I don't agree with shooting someone over a bird.

I wouldn't shoot someone in the back if they were making off with my diamond ring, either. A firearm, possibly, as it constitutes the potential for a deadly threat, or if they were attempting to toss a firebomb into my, or another individual's, residence.

But material things can be replaced.

While Texas law supports this individual's actions, I don't. It gives anti-gunners just another peg in their board for how gunowners in general are quick to shoot over the least provocation.

Long ago the anti-gunners took the fight away from substance and converted it into a question of image. This isn't a good image, and it's one that can do immense harm to gunowners nationwide.

So I'll repeat, Houston, we have a problem.
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Baby Jesus cries when the fat redneck doesn't have military-grade firepower.
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