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22tcm availability and performance.

hello all,
I while back I read about the 22TCM designed and marketed by armscor. at the time the only gun offered in this particular caliber was a RIA 1911 which also came with a 9mm barrel to help utility while ammo was still hard to find. however it really was not all that hard to find it online. I discounted this gun as I was not a big 1911 fan at the time and biased against RIA in particular but today my brother in law started talking about it and was intrigued enough to decide to revisit this particular caliber but sadly now, info seems to have all disappear. an LGS still has a listing for the RIA 1911 but is listed as out of stock, they always had ammo but seems like it's out of stock as well. google search revealed zip for ammo.

so did this round already die out and fall out of favor or is this just a product of gun grab 2013?

also does anyone have any info on ballistics and handgun tolerances of bullet options like 5.56 standard bullets?
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