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I think some of the previous posters have said it already. You aren't keen on the CZ for a number of reasons and any new CZ will be suspect for the slightest problem - real or imagined.

Finish, tool marks etc should be obvious before you accept any rifle or gun - during your pre-purchase inspection. Function problems are always a nasty surprise.

They are both fine rifles - get what you WANT. Which sounds like the Model 70. I have a couple of them and love them. My '06 Winchester has killed a BUNCH of animals over the years. It is a great gun.

I love my CZ 550 Safari Magnum - it is my favorite of all my rifles. I think that has more to do with the caliber (375 H&H) than anything else. It is the gun I've ~always~ wanted.

Get the gun you have always wanted.
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