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I have a CZ550 american and two model 70 extreme weather ss rifles.
Between the two I have found it pretty much a wash with a few exceptions. The CZ has quite a bit of drag while cycling the bolt, has some creep in the trigger but is pretty good while set and lastly the trigger reach is noticeably different between the set and regular fire mode.

Don't get me wrong I like CZs I just like the new model 70s more but in all honesty I would rather have a sako.

I had a CZ 75B and wasn't happy with all the machine marks and sloppy construction from CZ (in that particular gun).
I have an SP-01 from when they first came out and compared it to a 2012 production SP-01. The finish is noticeably better on the 2012 gun especially on the barrel etc. In my opinion CZ has improved their production process from years past.
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