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I guess you mean Utah?
I did see a nice rack on the other side of the road from a smashed in Honda car there last year.
'The law' was on scene. So I didn't know about the law or local etiquette on getting the nice rack, plus I was on my motorcycle, so how could I carry a 10 point rack? (Tied to the front bars, maybe).
The year before I had one extremely close call with 3 deer in a row near Koosharam, and last year a friend of mine ruined his motorcycle splitting one in half near there.
In Mexico I came across a girl who ruined her car smashing two large cows (one with big horns?). That was just after I saw a dead horse by the side of the road.
And some others, just in the last year.
We were at the gun range in Bicknell last year; two elk hunters were target practicing. They didn't get an elk last season, but they did get a deer on their way to the range; with their truck.
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