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I wasn't too concerned about the component shortage, since when I last checked, our local Wholesale Sports (soon to be Sportmans Warehouse once again) appeared to still have a good selection of powder on the shelves and I am pretty well stocked with most components. I happened to stop by today and was really surprised at how cleaned out of powder they were. They still had Accurate 2015 on the shelf for $24.99 per lb, so I asked how many they had in the back. (They only display containers for what is available, you have to ask) He came back and said they had 5 pounds in the back, so I took 2, to leave some for the next guy. They still had Reloder 7 showing on the shelf, but that would be the last .223 capable powder. Sold out of Ramshot except Magnum, sold out of IMR pretty much, Hodgdon gone, except for HV-100 Hybrid, still showing some Reloder 19 and 25 but $29.95 per lb. Glad I stocked up on most things over the past several years, since 2008, I should have enough to ride this thing out.
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