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Originally Posted by freebird72
Jokes aside, does anyone see it as odd to or strange to handle an unloaded gun for amusement?
With recognition of MLeake's mention of fetishism, no, I don't find it any more odd about finding pleasure in admiring the balance and workmanship of a fine firearm than a fine musical instrument, a fine woodcarving or even a good tennis racket. Oddly, badminton rackets and tennis paddles don't seem to hold the same visceral feedback. Maybe that's odd.

I think it is a matter of personal style, like whether you like buckwheat or rye bread whether or not you get "warm fuzzy feelings" from inanimate objects or which ones. Some people do, some don't. Some objects generate feelings (positive or negative) in some people and some don't. Mostly within the range of normal human psychology...mostly.

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