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"We have a problem?" Hell no, we don't have a problem. That kid and every other thief in Texas has a problem. When he struck out that night w/ the other guy to go steal some chickens, they knew that they were in Texas, and they knew that if they were caught, they could be shot.

It's called property rights. It's just sad the younger thief was hit, and not the older. The boy had all the opportunities to keep from dying that night: could have stayed home, could have dissuaded the older boy from stealing, and he could have dropped the chickens when he saw the homeowner with a gun. I don't feel sorry for him, just like I don't feel sorry for the Columbine killers, or the other kids who are stealing and killing for fun, and for tennis shoes, etc... Do it in Yankee land, but don't you dare come to Texas and try to get away with that crap- given my druthers, we'd bring back public hangings. But that's only if you REALLY want to reduce the crime rate.

"Trespassers (thieves) will be shot, survivors will be prosecuted."

Alright, I've said enough.

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