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Help Identonifying An OLD Shotgun

Hey guys my father told me the other day to go to my grandmas house and get all of grandpas old guns and put them in my gun safe. So i ventured over and ended up bringing home 7 guns so you might be seeing me for a while. The first one im trying to identify is an old double barrel hammer style shot gun. Im assuming its a 12 guage but its been badly weathered by the elements of neglect and being in no gun safe or any type of storage. Alls i can find on the top of the barrel it says choke port and that is on the left barrel. Right in the center between the barrel's i can make out a few letters but thats about it. I will post some pictures and maybe someone can help. My grandpa has since passed almost 8 years ago so only if he could be around to tell me all the stories. Thanks in advance for the help!!!!

double barrel.jpg

double barrel 2.jpg
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