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I did not ask for super light loads as I read somewhere that this model needs some punch to cycle properly, but if I've been sold some ridiculous over-kill nuclear magnum loads, tell me now, as I don't want to reduce my Grandad's gun to pieces!!!
the problem most older semis have is with 24gram trapp/skeet ammo

28-32 should be fine

ammo should be labeled with a US nr, that is the standard, us7, 8, or 9 is practise ammo and perhaps for some smallish birds, it is the size(and number of) pellets, the higher the nr the smaller pellets

above 32 is when they start using terms like express, magnum and so on.

if the gun is really old you should look for proofmarks

well your edit suited my link greatly, finito so we know it is for smokeless powder atleast

I would recommend e-mailing the guy behind that site if you have further questions, he is an expert on shotguns, even recently wrote a book, I am sre he could help you
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