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Seems I got 3 answers as I was editing my last post...

You indeed have 2-3/4 inchers, but I do not know if that model or your barrel is rated for a magnum load.
OK, so the cartridge size is OK, but are they magnum loads, based on that link? I don't think they are, as the cartridges I've got did not come up in the "heavy loads" listing and they have no 12 Mag products...

If they are not, then it should be OK in my gun, no?

The 16 should have proof marks which will state pressure, maybe payload, and hull size
I don't see anything that might give that sort of info. The only proofmarks on the Beretta are 3 stamps, each with a star above it. The first is a crest type stamp, the next reads "PSF", and finally the last reads FINITO. Pretty self-explanatory... What they might say about pressures, though...

This is turning into a right puzzle...
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