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but a dealer should not be selling guns he does not have and they should arrive about as quickly as they usually would.
That would be nice in a perfect world. Some guns are so popular, they are allocated to certain dealers. They would be virtually unobtainable at your LGS.

Bud's told me the Springfield that I want is sold out before they ever get one and to be fair to customers like me, they offer guaranteed pricing. The catch is they are using my money interest free in return for selling me one of those guns at the price I paid when I ordered it.

That same gun today is almost 80 dollars more and you still have to wait.

Try to find a Springfield M1911-A1 9mm and you will see what I mean.

I shot one at the range back in late summer and the guy told me he had been waiting for a year to get one and just happened to stumble on a dealer who had a personally owned one and wanted to sell it.

I am not crazy about the wait or having to pay upfront. Worst case. . .I get my money back. Best case, I get the gun.

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