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Re: Tactical shotgun - pump or semi-auto and why?

In theory LEOs train a lot. Or they did before their competency/safety was ran through the budget and they get their training budgets cut. Interesting, if they were paid less, they could train more. But I digress.

A properly trained LEO...who are mostly men and hopefully in good shape and/or good sized may be served very well by a pump shotgun. Same could be said of a civilian who really trains. Whereas a smaller person (often female), person who is in less athletic shape, people who cannot handle the recoil of the pump shotgun, people who train far less may very well be better served by a semi auto shotgun.

These debates about "what's best?" are something else. We too often pick our favorite based upon what the majority do, what those we look up to do (cops have pumps, Marines have semis...pick your team), what we think is cool, favorite gun in Call of Duty (or whatever is the cool game now on Atari) while ignoring that different groups and different individuals within those groups may be served very well by different weapons.

I dont like revolvers. I like S&W semi autos but I won't say they are better than revolvers for everyone then run down all opinions/experiences that different from my view. I don't like Glocks but I don't spend time railing against them, they are good. Just not what I prefer.

So i guess to get to the point after whatever it was I wrote above...semi or pump, which one is better? Depending upon the user and circumstance, either could be better. I prefer semi-auto shotguns but my next may be a pump. Not because the semis are unreliable (they are reliable), but because I recognize the benefits of the pump in some situations for some people.

Psychology of the tribe meets consumerism plus internet wisdom. That's what too many of these threads reveal.

This isn't an attack aimed at anyone here. Just a general observation. There is a lot of good advice based on experience and knowledge here and I appreciate that and you all. (Wipes single tear) -out
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