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Went to the range this week. Was very cold and windy but I went anyways.

I tried to focus on the things we've been discussing in this thread.

I started off slow and steady, trying to just focus on the basics.

By the end of the session, I was able to rapid fire and keep all of my shots in the 8 (edge of the 9 ring, this was a target 12" wide) at 7 yards and regularly busting clay pigeons set up on the berm at 10 yards. (no not on top if it) I know some of you can do better than that and it's not a long distance, but that's an improvement for me at a distance I consider very practical for self defense and I'm very happy with it.

How did I improve?

I already had a decent: stance, hand position, sight picture, trigger press before

What I focused on this range trip was maintaining that while focusing on improving my grip (gripped the gun harder) and most importantly for the first time since I've been shooting handguns (I'm ashamed to admit), I only shot to the reset on the trigger. I read people talking about the reset on triggers before and honestly, I don't think I "got" what people were talking about or why they cared. I understood the reset they were describing, but I didn't think I needed to use it as I shot good groups, but I didn't shoot good groups fast which is what led to this thread.

Hands didn't work exactly right in the cold and wind, but it was some good training this morning.

Best way I can describe what I was doing before vs now is:

BEFORE I'd make the shot, then my finger wouldn't just ride the trigger out to the reset but all the way out. Then on the next shot I'd have to take up the slack to the break to make my next shot. I was doing this after reacquiring my sight picture. So it was basically an added step and took more time.

NOW I'm viewing my finger on the trigger almost as part of my grip (only when firing of course). I press the trigger, make the shot, then it just comes out to the reset. By the time I've got my sight picture back, I'm ready to press the trigger again and can get to the break quicker as I don't have to work through the take up in the trigger. It's one less step, saves time, I think even improved my group and had great results.

Thanks all! Hopefully someone else benefited from this thread or stumbles upon it in the future and it helps them out.
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