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It does not have what I would call machine marks that should not be there. If you look at the barrel very closely you can see where the lathe turned it. It is uniform for the entire length and was obviously left that way intentionally. Inside the action there are machine marks that are uniform. There are no stray or random machine marks. It really is a beautiful rifle. We discovered when we were putting a muzzle brake on it that the finish is actually a very deep shade of red and not blue. We could not match it so ended up finishing the brake the same color blue as the scope rings. Looks good that way. The trigger is awesome when it is set. I am not fond at all of it when its shot unset. One thing to keep in mind with CZ pistols is that the 75b is a military pistol and it likes very hot ammo. Change the spring if shooting anything not running high pressure. It also works best when you shoot it from a very firm stance.
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