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I've had a quick look online, and the shotgun (A Verney Carron Luigi Franchi Automatic) is 12/70, so that means I need 2 3/4 inch cartridges....

I've checked and my cartridges are 70mm, so OK on the cartridge length front. Here is a link to the cartridge manufacturer. It should land you on page 4 of the 12g results list. Just scroll down to the green Nobel Speed.

I did not ask for super light loads as I read somewhere that this model needs some punch to cycle properly, but if I've been sold some ridiculous over-kill nuclear magnum loads, tell me now, as I don't want to reduce my Grandad's gun to pieces!!!

The 16g is a single shot Beretta from the '50s... I got these for that one: SMI standard. It is the only result when searching under 16g...
Presumably if I slide the cartridge into the chamber and it fits, flush with the face, it should be OK, no?

Again if you feel that is too much boom-boom for a 60 year old shotgun, please tell me!!
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