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If you want to get into rifles my advice is to start with a 22LR and take an Appleseed class. The only problem is that ammo is little more than a fond memory right now - but my advice stands.

As for what 22 to buy a 10/22 is a wonderful if only moderately accurate semiautomatic plinker that you can customize to your hearts content and even turn into a very accurate target rifle with a bit of work and money. There are more aftermarket parts for the 10/22 than any other 22.

CZ's 452/453/455 are very accurate bolt action 22s and a great place to start.

Anschutz is the Ferrari of of 22s but their lower priced ($800-1300) models have well known issues and their support is in my experience far-far-far less than acceptable for a premium priced rifle.
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