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Since I was young and all throughout my working years. I've had the ability to buy decent models of 1894-94s here and there in my travels. All are pre 64 built. Most came in either 30 WCF or 32 caliber. Since I started casting for my 32s recently. I have yet been able to purchase a Lyman or MOE 311041 mold for my 30-30. (So that's where I'm stuck for the time being until things loosen up in the market place.) Both the 30-30 and 32 Special are pretty much the same in ballistics. Equally fun rifles to shoot. But when shooting jacketed verses cast. It would be unfair of me to form an opinion just quite yet on which would be my preference in my 30-30.
When one has 100lbs or better of wheel weight material ready for the casting pot out in their garage. "You know you just hate to think you may have to buy some store bought cast bullets some day." __Winter ending now. As said by many throughout history: I may just have too bite the bullet on this one._


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