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One versatile 20 ga shotgun?

I am looking at 20 ga shotguns. I'd like a shorter barrel so it's easier to maneuver in the house, but I would like to be able to hunt turkey as well as use slugs for deer or hogs. I kind of like pump action but I see no problem with a break action, either. I want to keep cost down and have to find something that is actually in stock theses days.

I don't really care about a rifled barrel although there are good deals on them and they usually have sights and are set up for optics as well. I definitely want sights at a minimum. There are some good HD shotguns with sights that could work, but they're usually 12 ga. I also think I'd rather not have a pistol grip.

Will a HD length barrel work for me? I hate to think that I'll have to make mods right off the bat. Maybe I'll just have to spend a little more and get a turkey gun. I assume I can change the choke for slugs or buckshot.

The decreased recoil of the 20 ga is not the only reason for me not to get a 12ga. There is currently much more ammunition available for 20 ga than for 12 ga.
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