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$100 per poulet ...

In fairness, I would guess that the monetary figure assigned represents the income lost due to the potential egg production over the life of each bird. I believe the "value" of the theft is not a factor. The bottom line is that it was a theft and it contravened a law. I agree with Halffast. The law is in place to discourage theft and protect the property rights of individuals. This incident, although to some is morally questionable, is just an example of a "worst case scenario". It is the price sociey must pay if we wish to retain a person's right to their own property. Is it justice? From a purely legal standpoint I would say yes. Is it fair from the moral standpoint of all? Maybe/maybe not. But then you must ask youself "How often do we find that the "legal" aspect of a situation is in perfect agreement with everyones "moral" sensibilities?
Would I have shot the kid? No.
I would have caught the kid and offered him a chicken if he would clean the coop ...
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