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Shotgun cartridge potency. Increased over the decades?

I am planning to try out my two shotguns tomorrow. They both belonged to my Grandad and they pretty old (50-60 years old). One is a 16g single shot, the other a 12g semi.

Of the two, I can see myself shooting the 12g more and so my question is largely regarding this one.

I have bought some 12g birdshot cartridges (shot weight is 34grams of 0/0 by Nobel Sport). I basically want to see if it cycles correctly.

However, in general, will the powder charges and projectile weights have changed massively since these were produced?

In other words, is there some kind of potency level I should stay below in order to not run the risk of damaging this little piece of family history?

If so what is the way of identifying this level?

My guess is that ammo has increased in power thanks to improvements in metal grades and strength of the guns produced.

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