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All in your tastes

I like it but frankly you can do it yourself much less expensively.

Many folks think a new looking gun is like it was when it was used in the 1860's to 1900's but from what I've seen of guns in museums is the ones that were used were used well and the shiny new finish (fragile at the time) didn't last long.

Most people didn't have the money for more than a pistol and rifle. They were used regularly, were in the weather a lot, and weren't always cleaned immediately. In addition the oils used back then weren't the "miracle" ones we used today and didn't protect as well.

So when I use my "aged" pistols, I consider them being like the average well used pistol back in the day. Plus I don't have to worry about adding more "character marks" and the occasional rust blemish.
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