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Originally Posted by Sure Shot...
That's a new one. Didn't know there was such a thing as squirrel and turkey dogs used in their hunting. Curious now. The only way I've ever seen turkey hunted was on TV with decoy/s and calling. Sure would like to be enlightened some on the subject please.
I cannot speak for squirrel dogs, I never really felt the need to use a dog squirrel hunting. I can find them on my own and retrieve them on my own.

I am not expert on turkey dogs, but I know someone that hunts turkey in the fall with one. I have yet to hunt with him, but I would like to give it a try. Generally, what you are seeing on TV is spring hunting. During the spring the turkey are mating, the idea is to imitate a female turkey and the male will coming running looking to score. This type of calling does not work during the rest of the year. During the fall, the turkeys group up and it appears their goal is to stay grouped up. If they are separated from the flock they do their best to find their way back. The idea is the dog will find a flock and break it up. The hunter then sets up with a call. The hunter calls the turkey back in trying to imitate the group of turkeys he split from.

I really enjoy hunting turkey much more then hunting other animals. I guess it is the challenge of calling them in. I have been considering getting a dog to train to hunt turkey, but I just don't have the time to do it this year.
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