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I would call it a last item to buy.

As many other did, I reloaded for decades on and off (back on again) and did fine without it.

Use and start with safe powder levels and work up slowly.

The only time its critical is if you are pushing the envelope (and you should not be at this point) going for that max boogey round.

I only had one of those and that was a bear load in a pistol. Hard on the gun and only a gain for that very specific need.

My use is just to see what I have on the first loading and I don't use it if I increase it as I am working in safe areas.

It does shock you a bit as the listings in the books tend to be high vs what you get but then like my last 41 magnum, I look and they used a 10 inch barrel when most are 4 or 6.5, hmmm

I only got one because it was fairly low cost (though accurate enough for my use) and easy to use. If you ever do, at least get the one that holds the count up to 10 or so, avoids the pain of having to write each one down and you want the remote head that sits on your bench (Chony Master)
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