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I’ve a friend with the same belly/no waist problem as you.

He has used the low priced Uncle Mike’s solution with handguns up to a full sized 1911. With the Uncle Mike’s vertical holsters that clip onto your belt he can get rid of the suspenders he usually wears.

He says it’s pretty comfortable, works well when driving, conceals very well, (there is no horizontal strap going across the front of the chest) and just slow as molasses on the draw. He doesn’t care about speed but seriously he needs a ‘time out’ in the action to get his gun into play.

FWIW I think if you used the Perry suspenders like GrantD mentioned the IWB and OWB holsters might become a possibility for you. One of the advantages to that is if you have to go someplace that doesn’t allow firearms it much easier to unclip a waistband holster than to go through the process of getting rid of the shoulder rig. For the IWB holsters you do need to buy your pants a little larger than you already do.
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