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No sympathy. When people buy far in excess of what they need then the shortage ensues. We don't have a shortage, we have hording.

I am having to buy ahead of what I would because of that, but I am only doing enough to get me through the next 8 months at which point I hope the madness will have subsided, stupid me maybe as I should have bought them and then sold them.

Its spread like wild fire to everything and one day people are going to wake up and try to figure out what hey are going to do with 40 years worth of primers, brass, bullets and ammo boxes.

Me, if I find it, I am buying a bit ahead but I am not taking it all and leaving it for the guy who needs it.

I have about 2000 large rifle primers and did not buy the box of Large Rifle I could have so the next guy that needed them (hopefully not another horder) could have them.

Once they start to catch up then the industry will have a recessions.
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