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Re: CZ 550 American versus Winchester Model 70 Featherweight

People like roc1 that can provide a hands-on comparison may be your best guide. Here is all I can say:
- I have a CZ527 Varmint in .204 Ruger with a walnut stock and love it!
--I can shoot it near 1/2 MOA at 200 yards consistently, with factory ammo.
--I absolutely love the single set trigger and use it essentially all the time.
--It "fits" me very well. It comes to my shoulder consistently and where I want it. My cheek weld falls into place with my eye naturally in line with my optics whether using a sling (any position) or laying prone with a bipod. (The only two ways I usually shoot.)
--Oddly enough the balance feels good to me. I have no issues toting it around despite the mag' sticking out.
--The bluing is perfect.
--The action isn't all that smooth, but it's not bad and it's getting better with shooting.
-- But I think it's an ugly rifle. I don't mind the markings at all, but it is long and skinny, the magazine sticks out (a flush 3 round mag' would be just fine for me), the color of the walnut doesn't appeal to me, and while the quality of the checking is fine I personally don't care for it. Yet all that said, her performance is amazing and she became the queen of my harem after the first day I took her out.
-I have held a 70 to my shoulder at the store, although it didn't have a sling on it and I didn't try laying prone. It "felt" every bit as good as the CZ. But it didn't have a scope on it either and the trigger was locked up. In short, I couldn't even give it a "dry" run. But it's a very good looking rifle :-)
If you could just hold and dry fire each that might tell you all you need to know. At the time I wanted a .204 I couldn't find a CZ 527 of any kind to hold. I purchased it based on reputation and checking out other CZ models. I lucked out and got a rifle that I'm very pleased with, but it is not the way I'd recommend making a purchase.
Good luck,
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