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I've no experience with the CZ 550. I tried the CZ pistols and found them to be the most over rated guns ever. Accurate yes, crudely built yes, but the reliablity was never there for me and I've found your experince quite common. Good range guns for punching holes in paper, but not a viable SD choice.

The CZ 452 American I have is a little crude with the metal work and the trigger is quite rough, but in spite of that it does shoot good.

The new production Winchesters however are the best built, most accurate rifles I've seen in a long time. Don't let the Featherweight name fool you. By 1950's standards it was a lightweight rifle, but today's Featherweight is about the same overall weight as everyone else's standard weight rifles. It is heavier than many of them. Winchester has done a great job of creating a well balanced rifle in the FW. Recoil is simply not going to be a problem.
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