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Rat Terrier

After reading all the replies, I took Maggie-Mae to the park and see if we could find some squerills and see how this 7 month old would do in the field. We came across a large open area next to a small pond with at least 30 Canadian Geese feeding and resting. Maggie was interested and excited so I droped the leash and she sprinted full speed into the middle of them. What a racket of screaming geese trying to get away from this 10 pound pup. Maggie cleared that clearing and swear there was an ear to ear smile on her face. I called her back when I thought she might go into the water after the few that went into the water. She came back to me but she still interested in the Geese.

Later we were sitting on a bench and some women walked by and commented "What a pretty dog" and petted Maggie and Maggie just love the attention. later Maggie saw a squerill, her ears went straight up, eyes alert and a low growl I let go of the leash and Maggie shot out of my lap straight toward that tree-rat. The squerill made it up a tree and Maggie tried to go up the tree with him. She barked and circled the tree and would not come to me when I called, had to go get her and pick her up and carry her away.

A great day in the park and I think if I can get her used to gun fire, she will make a good huntin buddy.

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