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Dear Senator,

I am writing to you to let you know that I strongly oppose any further restrictions on Oregonians' Second Amendment Rights.

As one of your constituents, I am asking you to vote against the following legislation:

- SB 699:
This bill makes the state capitol building a gun-free zone. Gun-free zones did not work in the Aurora, Sandy-Hook, or Clackamas Mall shootings, and will only punish law-abiding citizens. In addition, this creates a location full of unarmed targets for further tragedy.

- SB 758:
This bill requires gun owners to purchase liability insurance. Again, this only punishes the truly law-abiding as criminals will definitely NOT buy said insurance. It also creates a class right, meaning the middle and lower classes will not be able to exercise the same right to self defense as a wealthier person.

- SB 760:
This bill modifies ORS 161.225 requiring that a homeowner attempts to retreat when confronted with a life-threatening situation. On the surface, this seems like a good idea because, after all, human life is extremely precious. I wholeheartedly agree that if a person can avoid taking another person's life, without risking their own, they should do so; HOWEVER, forcing someone to retreat from their HOME is both extremely dangerous and impossible in many situations. When an intruder is in the home, Police and experts recommend that the homeowner stay put or "fortify" a room while calling the police. Forcing a homeowner and his/her family to retreat into an unknown situation (i.e. dark house/yard full unknown number assailants) is expressly NOT recommended by any and every expert on the subject. This law will place the lives the criminals over those of the victims.

- SB 796:
Requires a firing range test in order to get a concealed handgun license. This is redundant as an applicant is already required to demonstrate "competence with a handgun" under ORS 166.291. After reading the bill in question (SB 796), I can see no purpose for it except to create more hurdles and make the system fiscally onerous.

I strongly oppose these bills and will do all in my power to support those who vote against them. Oregon gun owners have an outstanding track record for being law-abiding citizens and do not deserve to be punished for the actions of criminals.

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Just my opinions, others may feel free to edit as needed.
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