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To speak honestly, to me... it seems mostly cosmetic. I work in a gun smith shop (I'm a paperwork jockey not one of the smiths.) I see a lot of stupid careless mistakes like this daily (not referring to you.) Sadly SA is usually one of the best companies I deal with for repairs and warranty work.

To me.. this looks like in the rush of things.. whoever worked on your gun.. was hurrying and carelessly dinged the front of your frame when reassembling it. The scuff mark.. I do see a lot on certain guns with these "Armory Kote" or other Cerakote like finishes. Usually what I see is the gun was fitted properly with bare metal and once the finish is applied the tolerances tighten up and wear some. With out seeing it in person... even with your high res photos I cannot tell if this is your problem or not.

I know its frustrating, specially after dropping the amount of cash you did on it. My champion operator is one of my favorite 1911's. I would say send it back with detailed notes and calmly explain you find it unacceptable and would like it repaired. Yelling at CS reps... though can make you feel great for a moment, generally doesn't help any matters.

SA generally is a good company, and even though it seems they might have dropped the ball for you on this one, I would see what they are willing to do. If you personally can't trust this gun again, and they offer you the refund, I would take it, and buy something else on your wish list. It is very rare I see a MFG offer a cash refund on a firearm, so I think they are trying to do what they can to please you.
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