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Tactical shotgun - pump or semi-auto and why?

Originally Posted by breakingcontact View Post
Different law enforcement, and military outfits may have semi (USMC) or pump based upon a ton of factors.

What's best for one situation may not be best universally.

If you prefer a pump, great. Know their limitations and how to clear them if you jam it up, they aren't jam proof and when they jam they can jam real good. Don't have a false confidence that they won't/can't jam nor that modern semis are jam-o-matics.
My point was that saying pumps are used simply because they're cheap is gross oversimplification. I have confidence that if I dropped my 500 in the mud (been there, done that) it will still go bang when I rack and pull the trigger. A semi? I wouldn't be as confident. Given the harsh conditions of the Alaska wilderness, especially during rainy season and winter, I'm guessing this is what my friend was referring to, not that semis are jam o matics. Besides, he shot a Benelli Super Black Eagle for water fowl.
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