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AFAIK, Cascade Cartridge Co. always used "CCI" as its headstamp on CF cases and "CCI" or "C" on rim fires. The "CCI" on rimfires was concentric and looks at first like a plain "C" with a little tail.

As to S&W, at one time (1970's I think) they owned or had a controlling interest in Lake Erie Chemical Co., which made tear gas and other chemicals mostly for LE and military use, though they also made and sold tear gas "pens" for personal defense. Some of their products used blank cartridges as igniters, so Lake Erie made or had made cartridge cases. S&W decided to offer its customers a line of ammunition, mainly in law enforcement calibers, but sold on the general market, using the same sources as Lake Erie. Again, I don't know who actually made the ammunition, but it was of very good quality.

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