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Tactical shotgun - pump or semi-auto and why?

Originally Posted by BigDinFL View Post
Incorrect. Cops use pumps because they cost less - plain and simple. Purchasing goes by lowest cost, not necessarily by what is the best. And BTW, cops no longer use shotguns, they use ARs

If you want the ultimate in reliability, you use a double barrel with two triggers - NO jams of FTF, FTE or similar
I'm not saying you're absolutely wrong here, that could be part of the reason, but your logic doesn't follow. If purchasing goes by lowest cost, then we'd see departments shooting Hi Points and Taurus. But instead, we see departments issuing Glocks, and not inexpensive Sigs and HKs.

I'm friends with an Alaska State Trooper who used to be one of their firearm instructors, and I got two pieces of information that contradicts what you have there.

1) AST still use shotguns. Duty sidearms are Glock 22's, but they have both ARs and Remington 870's in their patrol cars. You could say the 870's are for a specialized purpose that most Police forces don't have to worry about (big grizzly bears) but they still train to deploy them on personnel and even keep buckshot loaded (useless on a bear), they'll unload and reload slugs if they head into the woods, or if they need to put a suffering bear/moose/whatever out of its misery.

2) My buddy specifically stated they use 870s for their reliability, ease of use, and utter ruggedness. I asked why they don't use semi autos, and he just laughed at me and said, "Being charged by a bear is a helluva time to have a malfunction."
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