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Only after death in Indiana (or at least in Indiana countys of Morgan, Johnson and Hendricks) My's an earful, just giving the full detail as the MCSD told me.

No tag involved. You are REQUIRED to contact the governing authority law enforcement agency. I'm guessing if it was in a township instead of out in the sticks someplace, you would contact the town police? For example: if you were still in Morgan county, but inside Brown would call the Mooresville PD)

You must then go to their office to pick up a printed permit to posses, and or transport a game animal in the situation of: out of season, without a proper tag, wrong sex. There is no charge for the permit, just some paperwork, a copy of you drivers license and 10-30 minuets or so of your time. It will have a description of how the animal died: DOA, alive on arrival and had to be shot, alive on arrival and died from injury/other.

After all that you may then go retrieve the animal, no pre tagging to lay claim to it. Although if possible it would be wise to leave someone in the area the animal is located, to inform others that may try to stop and take it that you are in the process of doing so legally....and to leave it alone. The permit is kept on your person, no physical tag goes on the animal itself. From what I was told, you shouldn't even touch or examine the deer until you have contacted the correct LEA.

And it is absolutely illegal to do the following in Indiana (or at least in the countys I listed) without expressed permission from a LEA with jurisdictional authority.

Remove a struck/killed Deer from where it is laying (other than moving it from the road/shoulder to prevent further accidents) or any parts including antlers, even if they were broken off in the accident.

Shoot an injured animal with the intent to remove it, or any portion of it for personal gain without the proper permit.

In our county individual officers do not, in any way have the ability to print "tags", issue NTGPs (no tag game permits as they called it) from their patrol Vehicle. The permits are 24hour, dated, and specific to the animal reported and the approximate area they are located. An individual officer also does NOT have the legal authority to tell you "ahh, let me shoot it and you can just have it" While you can do that if the officer is okay with it, but your taking a risk of getting pulled over five miles down the road with an illegitimate animal that will obviously of been shot. You MUST go get the permit to make possession legit.

He didn't head shoot her either, 5.56 through the lungs point blank. Made a mess in the chest cavity.

Also, My buddy grilled me a burger for lunch this afternoon, as thanks for getting him the deer and helping process it. It was better than anything you'll get at Hardee's

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