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I had on in .40 S&W, with the same marks but it was so accurate and reliable, I didn't mind at all. Those type things don't bother me especially if they are internal and don't affect function.

Concerning the rifle, I can't comment on the M70 but I have a CZ 550 Premium in .270 that I picked up back in '03. The rifle is sub-MOA accurate with several factory loads and all my hand loads. The stock is a very plain Turkish walnut and the bluing is well done. Some rave about the single set trigger, but I never use it. Also, the instruction manual covers how to adjust the trigger if you desire.

Bottom line - It shoots lights out and that's is the determining factor for me, not how "purdy" it might be.

I think what you'll find if you actually get to look at and handle these rifles, is some may have beautiful wood and some may not, but I have yet to hear of one that won't shoot.
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