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As those of you who have messed with used rifles probably figured, the gun is just fine.

Range 50 yards- shooting seated at a bench off a toolbox padded with a rolled up mattress pad using factory Federal 150gr spire points yielded a 2 5/8" group diameter for 3 shots.
Limiting factor likely is the gold bead and peep sight against my 4" black bullseye target. Doesn't quite have the precision of an M1 Garand or M1A type sight. *

But this was good enough results for me to proceed to reattach the scope and see if I can do even better with a more precise sighting system.

I'll report back with more results.
Thanks for your advice and encouragement.

* While there I had my young friend shoot my rack-grade Garand. I showed him the High Power stance used for standing and put my 2 rounds in the black on a similar 4" target at 50 yds. Let him shoot the other 14 rounds.
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