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@revolver1, I don't know what you consider normal. At the club I belong to the range goes out ~1000 yards, and plenty of spots within an hour of me offer virtually unlimited range for shooting. Not a hunter, not a sniper, just a guy trying to learn to shoot a rifle as best as possible. I'd hope, were I a sniper, I wouldn't be asking how to deal with reading the wind

@Erno86, thanks for the suggestions, I'll have to look into making some bases/stands for the wind flags(sticking poles into the ground here is easier said than done). I don't shoot F-Class yet, but once I get a bit more proficient I intend to try my hand at it.

@BartB, I'll have to see if one of the local long range aficionados will let me spot for them, they have get togethers every so often, hopefully I can make the next one.
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