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Originally Posted by Magnum Wheel Man
BRIAN... when you get ready to go, let me know, as a guy who reloads way too many cartridges, I'm sure I could help you out... in everything from the 25 caliber bullets I mentioned, to a cast or swaged lead bullet for my antique 44 Bulldog, that I load using cut off 44 special cases, to some of the older Contender chamberings... I'm sure I would be good for a couple bullet weight / profiles you could make... some bullets I'd be happy with 100, others, if you are making bulk lots, I might give them a try as well

good luck in your new business... so are you giving up on Pizza ???
I appreciate that.

At $1,000 for a set of dies, there needs to be some pretty good demand though. Unless you want to pay $10 per.
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