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Snuffy, the point that I was trying to convey to Peetza, was that if we could think of an easy way to make him money we would have already done it for ourselves, and that if you want target mainstream handloaders, then you will need to invent the wheel.
Now taking into consideration he has this World wide forum to glean this knowledge from then he's really not doing it for himself, in other words I would like to test his bullets, and I will be dilligent in my testing, but I won't spend the money that I spend on premium bullets..

And Fusion bullets are'nt what you think they are, if they were then they would be everywhere like Interbonds, or Accubonds, or even Sierra Gamekings,(which I like and they are cheap enough and PLENTIFUL), so in reality if he really wants to produce highend, Premium Hunting/Target bullets, he'll have to appeal to the masses.
Thanks for coming!
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