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I see why the AR variant folks dont like it because of the better and easier customization of the AR's but thats why I prefer the mini. All of my rifles and shotguns are wood stocks and blued steel. I'm a hunter, have been since i was 6 years old and will be til the day my time comes. I have never been a fan of plastic stocks and foregrips and all the "cool" tactical looking stuff. The only modifications that support my philosophy of use is truglo sights on my rem 11-87 other than that everything is how it came new, besides scopes. I have a leopold on my 7400 and a tasco on my mini. For all the glass elitists out there i made a low light 200+ yard shot in -20*F with a cheap tasco world class on my first white-tail i got when i was 12. Proving your bank account cant outshoot my skill.
I just dont understand the point behind big money rifles other than it being a hobby. The people that build these complex AR's that cost a fortune all for self defense, and only shoot stationary targets gives me a good laugh. People pay for good comedy all I have to do is look at these urban cowboys and i cant laugh any harder. It seems like alot of people wish they were in the military but are too afraid so they act it out in their backyard as weekend warriors its the epitome of funny.
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