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Oddly, this is one of the few areas where Massachusetts has fairly sensible laws in place. For deer, it's basically "If you kill it with a car, you own it." The driver of the car that killed the deer (or a passenger in that car) gets first dibs. You have to notify Wildlife Enforcement, and then you have 24 hours to bring them the carcass and get a permit. No charge for the permit. If the driver of the car doesn't want it, WE, local police, or the highway dept., can dispose of it to pretty much anyone (Mass. resident) who wants it, with the same permitting requirements.

In the town where I used to live (happily, I'm no longer in Mass.) the police kept a list of people who did want deer, and would call them when the driver just went "Eeeww, no thank you!." A good reason to be on friendly terms with the local cops...
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