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Bart B. the only reason why I have the 180gn SMK's,is that my dear friend gave them to me before he passed away.If I'm not wrong the date on the boxs is 1998,and I got them 5 years ago.I love a 175gn SMK in my 308 and only have 100 left for my rifle only,but having the 180gn SMK's around I offered them to test with.

Yes,getting 44gn of 4064 in a 308 case is a task,but I knew not to load them short for I checked Quick Load first.I'll have to say for a new rifle and shooter they are working pretty good.I learned really fast that the 180gn bullet wasn't really the best of choice.So now when and if ordering bullets ever comes up again we both will be buying some 175gn bullets.Bad thing is that I have 300 of the 180gn SMK's all same lot.

I'll even add that I knew that there was a reason for the 175gn SMK,but wasn't to sure to why.So thanks to saying why.
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