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BB pistol for extra practice

A few years back I decided that a semi automatic CO2 powered BB pitol would be a good way to get some extra pistol shooting practice cheap. I worked my way up till a couple years ago I shot 20,000 shots besides my 2200-2400 shots (I'd have to check my records) with my center fire handguns. The net results were, I got to where I could shoot like ganbusters with the BB pistol, fast and accurate. This did not seem to translate into any huge improvement in my center fire handgun shooting however. I even taught myself some bad habits like relaxing my grip as I went through a fast shot string due to the lack of recoil from the BB pistol. I still shoot the BB pistol for extra practice but with alot more focus on maintaining proper technique. Time will tell if it makes a difference. Anyone else out there shooting BBs for extra practice? How has it worked for you?

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