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Back to the Glenfield 30A

I bought an old, beat up Glenfield 30A for $30. The rifle is in pretty rough shape with a few missing screws, trigger and sear, and the mag tube is damaged beyond repair. I purchased a new mag tube but it is designed for the Marlin 336. What I didn't realize was that the front band on the 336 is behind the front sight and the front band on the 30A is forward of it. Because the bottom of the barrel is machined to accept the front band screw forward of the front sight the 336 mag tube will not work. The 336 mag tube is machined to accept the band screw behind the front sight. I cannot find the correct mag tube. I've looked at Brownell's, MidwayUSA, Numrich, Gunbroker, Natchez, etc. Does anyone know where I can find a full length mag tube for the Glenfield Model 30A? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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