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I had heard that Sportsmans Warehouse gets their ammo shipments Thursdays, and they put them on the floor Friday morning. So I went by there today with the hopes of picking up some ammo. I showed up about 15 minutes after opening, and the first thing I saw was a line heading out from the Customer Service counter, winding about half way through the store. I looked behind the counter, and like bricks of gold, I saw hundreds of boxes of all the ammo I haven't been able to find lately. Hoping to pick some up, I head to the end of the line.

Just then, I hear a conversation between two people in line. The first guy asked another person what number they were. The person was confused. The first guy said that to get ammo, you had to be at the store at 7am (2 hours before opening) to get a number, and they limited it to 70. Ammo goes to these 70 before anyone else. Whatever is left over gets sold on a first come, first serve basis. As much as I wanted to buy some American Eagle 9mm for $14.95, and some .22LR, I had a feeling, I just wasn't going to get lucky today. Now that I know how it works, I might have to try again next week...
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