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how about "match" cases... I've probably got between 50-100 headstamped "match" cases... most are WCC head stamp... I assume these aren't any better than any others, unless I had large quantities of the same lot ???

right now ( as they get sorted out, & I can get a count ) looks like I'll keep the 2 largest groups of headstamps... RP, & various WCC headstamps ( I have several lots, & will likely toss anything that doesn't fit into a 50 round box ), into the mixed cases bag & sell all the others... still have 2 more tumblers to go, on uncleaned cases to sort, so I may find alot more of one, but RP is my biggest group right now, & I think most of what I have left to clean...

the CCC's will either go in the recycle, or go to the gun show, for a couple dollars, so if they are ugly, whom ever would buy them, wouldn't be out much... however, the kinda guy I am, I'm thinking I'll just putting them in my recycle case bin...
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