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Regarding the call for a somewhat "sharper" .312 calibre bullet, Woodleigh Bullets make a 174 grainer that's got a BC of about .362 but you have to get them in from Australia
I wasn't really looking for just a "sharper" bullet, but a "less blunt" one with specifically a flat base.
Its an Enfield thing, Lee Enfield rifling, particularly worn or old 2-groove, will keyhole boat tails in 15 yards!

Horrible, isn't it?

The original Mk VII bullet was a slightly modified woodeigh type, with the alloy or fiber internal tip. With the original sights you're callibrated for a pointed flat base 174 grainer like this & the round nose softpoint 180's are off by just enough to be a problem.

No 3 is the original Mk VII, but at 40 cents a pop I don't see the idea being workable. The other bullets are (1) & (2) 150 gr SPFB & (4) a 174 Gr FMJ-BT of .311" dia.
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