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I called them up, and there was a SNAFU for which I'll take the blame.

This is my first internet firearm order. I had the FFL guy send them his info, BUT I neglected to use common sense and give him my order number to include with his FFL info.

They had my order, they had his FFL info, but they had no way of knowing that that was where to ship my order. They didn't specify that in their instructions, but it does fall under the category of using common sense on my part. An email from them saying they were waiting on the FFL info would have been nice, but I'm sure they're busy.

There's still a hang...the gun is out of production and was listed as "very low stock" which immediately changed to "out of stock" once I placed the order.

They don't "have" the gun, but will get it from their supplier, which will take 2-3 weeks IF the supplier still has it. Time will tell.
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