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I personally am not feeling any pain. I have no "special" weapons. I dont even own a rifle. I do have a nice collection of handguns, nothing larger than 45 lc, mostly small caliber, only one handgun even affected by the NY Safe Act for magazine capacity.
I understand posts from people who have had negative interactions with law enforcement who have had the "special" complex or who felt that they were wronged at one time or another. I also live in the real world and realize that not everyone does the right thing and that there are less than stellar leo's out there . Your posts are not making me feel any pain and i could care less if you like me based on what work i have done in the past. I make the phone calls, emails and contribute because it is the right thing to do for my family, friends, other gun owners, the future of the second amendment etc. even though I dont personally own much that would be affected at this present time.

Fostering division is just going to create further division. This is the worst possible time for that.

Yes, Brian i do know what vehemence means and i misconstrued nothing.
I find the site as a whole enjoyable and the legal section usually enlightening and educational. I found this thread to be less so.
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